About Brklyn

I struggled on whether I should write this "about me" section in a formal third person perspective or keep it funky and express myself as I normally would: freestyle. As you can see, I chose the latter. My name is Tae and what you see here is not quite a store, but rather a platform I use to share my creative. Everything offered on this site was sewn, designed, tweaked, re-purposed, distressed, and/or overall created by me, myself and I. This is a one person operation (with the occasional help of friends in terms of packaging/shipping - thanks friends). I only stress this point to emphasize the fact that anything of this store is an extension of me. For this reason, I wholeheartedly put my everything into all items produced.

I opened The Brklyn Store in December 2014 to sell some bow ties. Since then, I have grown to offer various other products as I improved my sewing skills/designing skills. It was and still is my hope to provide exclusive, high quality products that people can identify with. Being that this site is solely run by me, products available on The Brklyn Store will remain extremely limited in quantity. Because of this, you can rest assure that anything you purchase of the Brklyn Store won't be worn by a bunch of your friends (lol). 

As a black, queer identifying, female, representation is extremely important to me. Therefore, more times than not, items from this creative will carry bold statements. I am proud of of that aspect of this creative. With this site, I have found my voice over and over again.

Thank you to everyone who has perused, shopped or even thought of The Brklyn Store. Thank you to everyone who has told a friend that told a friend. All of your support keeps me motivated to continue.

- Much love, Tae a.k.a. Brklynbreed